Fire Pump Maintenance

Suggested weekly


Tips for maintaining your

Fire Pump

All companies must be in compliance with all the fire codes that are required by law. By doing so, your business is always maximising the integrity of the fire systems set in place. Fire pumps are included in the testing and inspecting of all fire systems. Although an outside provider is typically called to come and test your company’s fire pump, it is the responsibility of the business owner to make sure that all the proper equipment and systems are maintained properly. This includes the repair and upkeep of all fire systems, such as a fire pump.


Weekly Run

  • Call alarm service and inform them that system is being tested
  • Announce to occupants of the building to disregard fire alarms for the next hour
  • Open main drain slightly to drop pressure and watch jockey pump turn on
  • Close valve and watch jockey pump build pressure and shut off
  • Open main drain again and drop pressure until jockey pump turns on
  • Open main drain a little more so pressure drops faster than jockey pump can maintain
  • Watch fire pump turns on
  • Close main drain valve
  • Check that casing relief valve is running a full stream of water
  • Check that packing is dripping
  • Grease pump bearings with one pump of the grease gun handle
  • Observe that the pump discharge gauge is reading much higher than the suction gauge
  • Push stop button on controller and observe that fire pump shuts down
  • Call alarm service to inform them the test is finished

The only way to know if fire pumps will function properly when needed is to inspect and test them regularly in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

Practicing some of the tips above could help prolong the life of your fire pump