Containerised Pump Sets

Our containerised NFPA Fire Pump Sets are integral pump stations, compact and safe with either an electrical driven or diesel driven pump and jockey pump

The Containers

House all the controllers, pipework and valves, fuel tank, lighting, air system, a fire control panel

Engineered and tailored to meet your required specifications


Complete pre-assembled, fully tested and pre-commissioned enclosed package in accordance with all applicable requirements and standards, is delivered Portable and easy to maintain, with a modular, fully contained design, you also benefit from easy access for regular operation, maintenance and service. 

Simple foundations with no requirements for pump plinths to be cast on site. Fast installation with no on-site assembly labour makes it a cost effective solution. No on-site assembly labour or specialised tools are required. Installation requires only that you connect the piping and the power supply

The containers  reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance required to keep the radiators and cooling fans working efficiently

The containers help protect the fire hydrant systems from the harsh conditions and elements, thus increasing the operational reliability should there be an emergency

The container is fitted with fans to maintain a comfortable working environment for maintenance. They have access doors, lighting, windows for ventilation and monorail

A complete fire pump set, now being in a container becomes a movable asset. The entire containerised solution can be removed easily, transported to a new location, and reinstalled.

Custom built to your exact specifications.  Colours and paint
specification can be client specific 

Acoustic attenuation of container reduces noise output

A movable asset