Viking Pumps

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Viking Chocolate Pumps


Designed specifically for chocolate and confectionery liquids

Viking pumps are used in processing chocolate (bean to bulk), making confections (bulk to bar), and plants that do both (bean to bar). Whether it’s loading or unloading tanker trucks, transferring materials from one process to another, or recirculating dark, milk or white chocolate in an enrobing machine, Viking does it all.

These pumps offer:

Viking have over 100 years of expeience

Positive displacement pumps

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Introducing the

Viking O-Pro Barrier Seal

Originally designed for chocolate & confectionery applications, the O-Pro™ series is rapidly becoming the seal of choice in many other markets

O-Pro™ Barrier seal functions uniquely as both seal & bracket bushing. A series of O-rings are used to create robust seal & lubrication chamber.

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33 years of experience

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The pump is generally part of a hydraulic system that can include a various number of components such as valves, fittings, filters, expansion joints, instruments, etc. The way the piping is arranged and the position of the components has a great influence on the operation and on the life of the pump.

With our experience and expertise we can help prevent pump failures resulting in consequent down time and loss of money for unnecessary repairs.

We will help you find the solution so that all will fit into place.

NPS Fire pumps

On the left above:
O-Pro Barrier Seal pump with no leakage.

On the right above:
Packed pump leaking cocoa butter

Solutions for all your Fire Pump needs

Combining 33 years of experience and knowledge with the most up to date standards and best quality pumps we are confident you will be satisfied with our services